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Artist Megan Nicole

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Welcome to Megan Nicole Photography, Art & Design

  Megan Nicole Photography, headshot, photographer       Megan Nicole Photography, photography, photographer, landscapes, nature, sunsets     

Life is filled with moments, one after another.

It's ongoing, and forever changing.

I just try to capture them before they are gone.

Megan Nicole Photography


GORILLA Enterprises

Our Parent company specializes in the development of cartoon characters as well as conceptualization of intellectual properties for traditional 2D and 3D animation. The company also creates corporate logos and designs for: print, clothing, footwear, skateboard decks, and accessories. Plus digital photography and graphic design.

GORILLA Enterprises is currently reviewing candidates for their animated shows. We are assembling a crew to move forward with the development of our intellectual properties that have gained the interest of several major studios and networks. We are looking for Animators (Traditional 2D, 3D, and Flash), Story Board Artist, Character Layout, Background Designer. Character and Prop Designer.

We are now looking for: Animator/Character Designer/Story Board Artist.


Special Skills Wanted:

Advanced Drawing Skills

Other Job Requirements

A basic understanding of 2D and 3D animation, knowledge of any animation based programs is helpful (TOON BOOM, MAYA, 3D Studios, Flash, etc) Artist must also have a great sense of humor and an open mind to working on cartoons that have adult content i.e.(STRONG LANGUAGE and VIOLENCE).

View our CONTACT Page:
E-Mail us your resumes, links, and/or any samples of your recent work.

Attn: Megan Nicole or GORILLA
*NOTE* Subject heading should be: RESUME FOR REVIEW

Megan Nicole Photography Art & Design Megan Nicole Photography Art & Design
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