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Megan Nicole McKinney Megan Nicole


All through her scholastic years art was a major part of Megan’s life she lived for her art classes.  She is the daughter of two naturally talented artists who passed along their skills. Her father a brilliant photographer and poet and her mother a low-vision watercolorists always supported her artistic expression.

After years of being an office manager, she decided to try pursuing her dreams and started her own company, Beauty without Boundaries, which lead her to a successful modeling career as well as the start of an interest in digital photography. She became proficient in graphic design and photo-editing, and started applying graphics to her photography.

Her internet based company, Megan Nicole Photography & Design, was spotted by Miguel GORILLA Lopez  in 2004 and Megan was brought on board as Vice President and COO of GORILLA Enterprises soon after. She created various divisions of unisex clothing lines within GORILLA Enterprises, including Megan Nicole, Just Playing Apparel, and South Central El Aye. She also has incorporating her photography onto textiles and conceptualizing designs for print on clothing, accessories, footwear, and skateboard decks.

In 2006, Megan had a showing at an annual art gallery exhibit, where she displayed various photographs from her body of work.  In 2007 her clothing lines  were put into local boutiques and surf shops, and she has expanded into other areas. 2009 Megan self published her first hard cover coffee table book Megan Nicole Photography filled with sunsets,  seascapes & animal life. 2010 she started going in a new direction with Faux Watercolors & Abstract Painting. Megan has also worked as a clean-up artist for numerous shows for corporate & private companies and she is involved in various projects which include: film production, executive producer, script writing/editing, story boarding, production photography & is creating her own intellectual properties. She now resides in Marina del Rey pursuing an art gallery of her own.

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